Venue Specs


Capacity 30 seated, 35 mixed or 40 standing.

1 x Phonic PowerPod 1062 8 channel powered mixer

1 x ‘mini jack’ output for portable sound devices.

2 x Peavey Aerosys.3 ultralight front of house speakers.

1 x Carlsbro ‘Stingray’ bass amp.

1 x Shure BETA 58a.

3 x Shure SM58

3 x D.I box

4 x standard boom microphone stands

3 x Coloured adjustable stage lights.


If required we can provide; full drum kit (bring breakables), guitar amps, bass amps and powered DI boxes. Since most musicians will prefer to use their own gear, use of the venue gear needs to be agreed at least 7 days ahead of the performance date so be sure to get in touch and we’ll most likely be able to help.

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