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Music Venue: 'Live At The Hyde'

We run a unique, independent, live music venue from the cellar of the Hyde Tavern.  

A cosy, candle-lit vibe, and intimate atmosphere, hosting award-winning touring artists, bands and duos from around the world. Founded in 2013 by acclaimed international musician Ruth Theodore, the venue has become known as one of Winchester’s top spots for high quality folk and roots music from around the world.  



We are keen to support quality original music from all countries, cultures and ways of life.

Over the years we have hosted the likes of Martin Carthy, Edith WeUtonga, Andy Irvine, Hamell On Trial, Chastity Brown, Rory McCleod, Brothers Gillespie, Son Of Town Hall, Hillary Klug, Undercover Hippy, Michele Stodart… and so many more!

Artist bookings for the main venue are dealt with by email only. If you’d like to play, please email inbox@riverratrecords.com with details about your music, plus links to your website, soundcloud, YouTube clips or similar, where we can listen to your music. It’s also helpful if you tell us a bit of your gigging history. Please DO NOT send MP3s or other large attachments, links only please.

Ruth Theodore Band

If you’re interested in performing, send a demo to inbox@riverraterecords.com.


Previous Acts include...

Martin Carthy (UK), Hamell On Trial (USA), Qadasi & Maqhinga (SA), Ruth Theodore (UK), Rory McLeod (UK), Son Of Town Hall (USA/UK), Seth Lakeman & Kathryn Williams (UK), Edith WeUtonga (ZI), Liz Stringer (AUS), Manos Puestas Trio (UK), TwoManTing (SL), (Harbottle & Jonas (UK), Hilary Klug (USA), Undercover Hippy (UK), Jeff Lang (AUS), Brothers Gillespie (UK), Michele Stodart (UK), Gabriel Moreno (ARG), Goat Roper Rodeo Band (UK), Dan Walsh (UK), The Weeping Willows (AUS), Alden, Patterson and Dashwood (UK), Nels Andrews (CAN), Chastity Brown (USA), Hannah Read & Michael Starkey (UK/USA), Gimore & Roberts (UK), Adam Beattie (UK), Amanda Rheume (CAN), Fiona Bevan (UK), Harry Bird (ES), Avocet (UK), The Idumea Quartet (EUR), Alessi’s Ark (UK), Emily Duff (USA), Frank Burkitt Band (AUS), Junco Shakers (UK), Ned Roberts (UK), Megan Henwood (UK), Findlay Napier (SCO), John Blek (IRE), Sam Lewis (USA), Bonnie Bishop (USA), Ags Connolly (UK), Ma Polaine’s Great Decline (UK), Karen Jonas Trio (USA), Tom Moore & Archie Moss (UK), David Berkeley (USA), Matt the Electrician (USA), Her Crooked Heart (USA), Ian A. Anderson (UK), Knacker’s Yard (USA), Ian Sherwood (CAN), Danny Schmidt (USA), Katie Spencer (UK), Crooked Weather (USA), The Rail Abandon (UK), Ward & Parker (UK), Mikey Kenney (SCO), Lucas & King (UK), Elvis Mcgonagall  (SCO), Danni Nicholls (UK), Caleb Caudle (USA), Dan Webster (UK), The Shackleton Trio (UK), Barbara Nesbitt (USA), Louis Brennan (UK), Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith (UK), Jon Wilks (UK), Mitchell and Vincent (UK), Jerry Leger & The Situation (CAN)